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Hayley Walton
Education Delivery Manager

Hayley has a keen interest in trauma and how early intervention can support children and young people. After teaching in primary schools in inner-city…

Lea-Ann Bentley
Associate Project Manager (Step Together)

Lea-Ann at her core is a youth worker with some 20’s years’ experience in a variety of education, secular and faith based settings across the West…

Amy Carter
Education Intervention Adviser

If you would like to contact Amy, please email [email protected]

The West Midlands Violence Reduction Partnership is working with the education sector to ensure every child gets access to a good quality education.

There are over 1,233 primary and secondary schools and hundreds of alternative education settings, further education and training providers across the West Midlands. It means the education sector is engaged with thousands of children, young people and families, fostering a passion for learning and high aspirations. 

We know all children and young people have different levels of need and we want to focus our efforts on ensuring those with additional and different needs, receive the right support at the right time. 

Our commitment is to support and enable those working in the education, training and employment sector to join together in their approach to learning, creating positive outcomes for all.

We will be engaging with teachers, school leadership teams, governors, OFSTED, the Department for Education and other key partners to ensure all children and young people have opportunities to thrive and achieve.

In practical terms this means we work with schools to:

  • Support the training and development of education staff to foster a whole school, Trauma Informed, approach to children and young people.
  • Deliver workshops in schools to challenge counternarratives to violence and allow pupils to explore decisions and their potential impact.
  • Provide opportunities to link into local, community-based activity to offer children and young people a range of activities.
  • Support response to individual incidences of youth violence, offering intervention and training to staff and pupils.
  • Link the support offered by schools, partners and communities to ensure all children get the support and opportunity they need to fulfil their potential and stay in mainstream education.
  • Bring together experts within education so they can share, develop and influence educational approaches that support social, emotional and mental health of young people at risk or affected by violence.

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