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The Violence Reduction Partnership places a real emphasis on evaluating our work and that which we commission. Reviewing what we do and learning from it is at the very heart of our ethos. We are committed to critically examining our impact, and are taking steps to collect and analyse information about our activities, including their characteristics and outcomes.

This evaluation activity will improve the effectiveness of this and future programmes and will guide decision making around where violence reduction activity can have greatest impact.

The Home Office has commissioned an independent evaluation which will examine the way all 18 Violence Reduction Units/Partnerships are delivering change across the country. In addition, each VRU/VRP is required to commission local independent evaluations to help understand the impact their interventions are having.

We have commissioned a comprehensive evaluation programme to ensure that we are able to generate evidence about which interventions are successful and to capture the learning that will help inform other programmes. We are also seeking to evaluate the impact the VRP has in improving the way in which organisations work together to end violence, and the extent to which these new ways of working become embedded.

The University of Wolverhampton’s Institute of Community Research and Development (ICRD) has been appointed as the lead evaluator of the WM VRP, in partnership with the University of Wolverhampton, Birmingham Voluntary Service Council, and the University of Birmingham. This project brings together unique and impressive expertise in large-scale programme evaluation, violence reduction, and community research.

The evaluation will:

  • Allow the VRP to understand the impact of its work on addressing the causes of violence across the region.
  • Help the VRP to continue to develop its approach through evidence-based commissioning and practice.
  • Provide new understanding and knowledge that can be shared nationally and internationally
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