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The Violence Reduction Unit strives to support practitioners, experts and service users. Below you will find resources and guidance relating to the education sector. Our experts hope you find the information useful in helping to tackle violence:

Education Inclusion Webinars

The West Midlands Violence Reduction Unit are ran a series of webinars stemming from our Education Toolkit which launched late last year. The toolkit brings together the expertise of various disciplines across the education sector including Public Health, Educational Psychology, Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) and Early Help. It has been co-produced by a number of Education professionals across the region to improve understanding of trauma and to provide guidance and support on how to help young individuals overcome difficult situations. The webinars unpacked themes explored in the toolkit. Recordings of the webinars be soon be made available. Watch this space!

Timpson Review

The Timpson review report set out to explore how schools use exclusion and why certain groups of children, including children in need, those in care, as well as those with SEND or from certain ethnic groups, are more likely to be excluded. View here

House of Commons Education Committee Forgotten Children: Alternative Provision and the scandal of ever increasing exclusions:

This report examines the reasons behind an increase in exclusions in mainstream schools and looks at how to overcome the obstacles and problems encountered by parents and children in the process of exclusion and referral. It also sets out the issues and challenges faced by alternative provision providers and what good practice looks like. View here

Previously undiscovered social, emotional and mental health need found by school-wide study of primary school pupils:

Nurture UK findings of a new study in which primary schools assessed the socialemotional and mental health (SEMH) needs of every pupil in their school and found that one in three pupils in the pilot schools had a moderate or severe level of SEMH needs. View here

Education Toolkit

Download Education Toolkit
Rewriting Futures

Creating better alternatives to violence and exclusion for young people

Download Rewriting Futures
Checking in with My Stuff

Self-help sheet

Download Checking in with My Stuff
Children’s Home Time Checklist

Download Children’s Home Time Checklist
Coming Back to School

Self-help sheet

Download Coming Back to School
Staff Home Time Checklist

Download Staff Home Time Checklist

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